UBCO Summer Instatute - Teaching Medieval Armour



EDST 498Q Teaching Medieval Armour
9:00 - 12:00 Instructor: Blane Després and Dan Hurd

Designed to help technology education teachers in the start up and delivery of a medieval armouring class. Of interest to teachers wanting to incorporate student driven projects involving armouring to motivate students in metal work courses. Topics included are: specialized tooling, setting up and optimizing shop space, sourcing supplies, gaining board approved status and promotion. Includes techniques in chain maille, plate armour manufacture, leather work and forge work. All curriculum and plans to run a course such as this will be provided.

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Instructor: Blane Després

Blane Després has taught most subjects at all levels of a K-12 school, including FSL (main focus) and French Immersion, gifted, drafting, automotive and woodworking, and at a storefront school in Surrey. He has been designing and building houses since 1982. He has a MA (alternative education) and PhD (business and education partnerships) in curriculum and instruction. Part of his work assignment at UBC Okanagan includes instructing the Trades Technology Education curriculum and methodologies courses.

Instructor: Dan Hurd

Dan Hurd has been teaching metalwork at the high school level for the last 11 years. In addition, he has taught post secondary courses for teachers and has presented at workshops throughout the last 7 years. Over the course of his career Dan has incorporated historical elements and artistic design into his teaching and, as a result, has produced innovative course offerings. In addition to traditional metalwork, students at his school learn how to make chain maille, plate maille and other armour using traditional and modern methods in his Medieval Armouring course. Students also learn the intracies of artistic metalwork and jewelry making in his art metal course. Currently, his students are designing and making RVs in his newest course offering. Dan's teaching continues to evolve, melding elements of the past with the newest that technology and trends have to offer.




Course Material Package

If you are interested in acquiring the course materials for this class. Please contact Danhurd@shaw.ca or click on the following link. The course material package consists of:


- Project plans (step by step instructions) for each of the projects

- Course outlines for offering this course in a high school

- Course descriptions for a high school course selection book

- BAA (Board Authority Authorization) documents for getting school board approval as a credited course.

- Course timeline

- Lesson plans

- Material List including suppliers


Course Material Package


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Medieval Armour Project Overview


Tools Needed

If you don't have any of these tools, don't worry. We can find a way to work around any missing tools.


Materials Needed

If you don't have these materials, or can't get them, we can find substitutes for everything.


BCIT Self Directed Project

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