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Part of the "Metal Working Tools Collection".

Metal Twister and Basket Maker:

Metal twister and basket maker plans:

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What is it?

A hand Operated Twisting Tool for adding decorative twists to steel bar. Because the steel bar is twisted cold without heating consistent results in square and flat metal bar can be archived. Make forged metal baskets without forging.

Description of the Project:

I first designed and made this twister when I decided to make a small garden gate for myself. My first attempt at twisting was with a length of 12mm square bar held in my vice with a piece of tubing slipped over the square bar to stop it bending and two adjustable crescents clamped around the top of the square as handles.
This worked ok but was very time consuming and not very versatile. So after some research I found some web sites that were selling picket twisters, they seemed to be made well but were quite expensive, had to be imported to New Zealand where I live and were limited to the section sizes and lengths they could twist.
So after some careful consideration of what I wanted to achieve I came up with this ornamental twister able to twist any length required, variable section sizes, make ornamental cages, wire rope and other interesting twists. (See pics and max working capability later in this project).

Gauntlet plans


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