If you would like to make some money off your hard work, you need three things.

- A good set of plans.


This includes both drawings and a set of step by step instructions. Templates or jig designs may also be required.

- The correct file format for those plans.
  To the right is a link to a Microsoft Word template document. Within this document are the requirements of the plans. Material lists, tool lists, picture......etc. If you have a plan that you want to include but do not have the time or ability to make a Word document for the plan, you can mail me the plan and when I find the time (If I find the time). I will make the Word document.  
- Time. (To sit back and collect the rewards to your hard work.) $



The more time you wait, the more people buy your plans, the more money you make. You can suggest the price to be put on your set of plans, however I will make the final decision on price. Plans that are submitted complete and have little work to be done to post them on this page, will receive a 50/50 split. Half the money going to the designer and half the money going toward running this page. Plans that need more work, such as plans with no Word document, may be split as low as 25/75. Depending how much time and effort needs to be spent on getting the plans to the appropriate level.

A check will be sent to you every time you get at least a $20.00 credit. And an e-mail will be sent to you every time one of your plans is sold. There will be (when I get to it) a running total with each set of plans of how many have been sold so you can keep track and double check on how your plans are doing.

Plans, once placed on the web page will stay forever. Unless you request they be taken off. (That is in case you decide you don't want to continue making money off your work)



To submit a plan, e-mail me the file along with any digital pictures that might help sell your plans. Or send me an e-mail if you need to snail mail me the plans and I will respond with the mailing address.

Either way, include in your e-mail your name and mailing address for me to send your payment to.


Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

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