a medieval feast

a medieval dinner

Medieval Feast at the Gasthaus on the lake in Peachland, B.C.





After finding out the Gasthaus (An amazing resteraunt and pub in Peachland our home town) was hosting Medieval dinners in thier medieval looking German pub, Dayna and I (I'm Dan) decided to round up some friends and have a bit of a celebration, for no other reason than to have an excuse to have a medieval dinner. After we rounded up 10 people (most of whom we knew) we then started dressing up. The restaurant supplies basic medieval costumes, but for us, that was not going to be enough. Cloaks, gowns, robes, belts, boots and all the accesories were needed (some of which we found at second hand stores, some we had to make). After all was said and done, we were all dressed in the finest period costumes (or at least stuff we thought looked good). Below are the pictures of our fantactic experience travelling back into the 1400's.



Here is a picture of most of the group in the medieval tavern just before the feast began.

This is Dayna and I just before the feast. Dayna is looking beautiful in her medieval dress. And me?...... Well, it was an interesting hair cut to match my monk costume I'll have to admit that.

The soup was cooked in a huge pot over the open fire in the most amasing fire place I have ever seen. I could have made an entire meal of the soup alone it was so tasty.


The chef came out of the kitchen to serve all the food including serving us our soup right out of the fire.

Everyone was in costume inculding our own personal server and the bartender.

And just when we though we had our fill of amazing soup, they brought us the main course, presented and servered in a HUGE cast iron pan. This meal was not for a vegetarian. Yes, that is almost all meat.

Where to start! How about with the meat! We have Bratwurst, roast pork, beef ribs, smoked pork, schnitzel, duck, chicken, and pork ribs. And this was all you can eat, if there was not enough in the pan of something, they would get more. And they had to, those ribs were amazing!

There were a few non meat items in the pan - potato, potato dumplings, red cabage and some spatzel (sp?) noodle. Oh and lots of gravy.


Here is our best guess as to how real men would have eaten in medieval times. It was fun, but kinda messy, speacialy for those noodles and sauce.

I don't think that is quite how they did it Ryan, or at least I don't think they had plastic pitchers back then. But full point on the attempt!

No one took any pictures of the desert, but the look of these two afterwards kind of sums it all up. The apple fritters and ice cream were fabulous. Although, not many had much room and many deserts were only half eaten.

I'm still standing, this must have been before the meal.


Here are Shauna and Ryan posing for the camera in front of the fireplace. They had an easy time finding medieval costumes as they were married in a medieval wedding and this just gave them another excuse to wear their medieval garb. Shauna's dye job of her white dress turned out perfectly for this event.


Shauna and Darby standing in front of the serving table. Yes, that is a real stuffed boar's head.

Roger and Darby.

Nice Boots!

Gurp and Karrie.


Dayna and I (Dan) again. Look at that candelabra and that fireplace. I love the atmosphere here.

Dayna and Melanie. (arn't they both so beautiful)


I always knew Ryan had something evil inside him. Look at those eyes.

Here we are at the end of the night standing in front of the gates to the Gasthaus. Our medieval feast an experience to remember.

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