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Part of the "Armour Collection".

Plate mail Gauntlets:

Gauntlet Plans and Actual Templates:

armor plans and templates $30.00

Gauntlet Plans and Digital Templates sent over the internet:


Gauntlet armor


Description of the Project:

This project creates a set of wearable medieval plate mail gauntlets. The techniques used to create these gauntlets are mostly traditional (methods they would have used in medieval times); however, more modern processes are occasionally used to speed up some manufacturing. All manufacturing skills involved in making this project are very transferable to modern day skills in metal working trades. These gauntlets are designed for display or costume use; however, with some modifications for SCA rule, they could be used for SCA fighting. These medieval plate mail gauntlets are fully articulating and have a great range of movement.Gauntlet plans


Click on the image to the right to see a copy of the first page of the plans for this gauntlet. The first page shows what tools and materials are needed, and what is included in the plans. Also included with the purchase of these plans is a full set of templates. Either a full size photocopy of the origional templates or a full size digital scan of the templates.

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