Wine Rack Plans:


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Description of Project:

Above are two pictures of a wine rack. This wine rack uses metal for the frame, wood for the bottle holders and the top of the wine rack (hidden by the plant) is a 12" x12" floor tile. This wine rack is designed to decoratively display eight bottles of wine in a kitchen, dining room or living room setting. The wine rack also serves as a small table perfect for a fern or other small plant or decorative item. Because this is a furniture grade project, the welds and joints are designed to be inconspicuous and be finished to an eye appealing look. The bottle holders are designed to compensate for a variety of bottle sizes and shapes while still leaving the bottle visible enough for display. The combination of tile color, paint color, wood type and finish can be adjusted to match any room or situation. These plans for making a wine rack are easy to follow by even the most novice metalworker. Although some woodwook skills are needed as well.

Wine Rack Plans:

Plans include, description of the project, tools needed, materials needed, step by step how-to instructions on manufacturing, working drawings and a picture of a completed wine rack.

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