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Disk Sander

Disk sander cook book

(complete 56 page how-to book)

armor plans and templates $30.00


Description of the Project:

This set of plans describes how to make a wall mounted electric 7" disk sander for metal sanding and de-burring.


This set of disk sander plans is a very complete 56 page book that describes in detail every step of the manufacturing proccess, as well as giving complete working drawings, material lists, tools required, supplier lists and much, much more. Also included throughout the book are lessons on various aspects of metalwork, including drawing conventions, tolerances, and how to read welding symbols. Click on the image to the right to see the first few pages of the plans including the table of contents.


Click here for a list of tools required.

About the Author


I’m a metal crafter. There’s nothing I like better than working in my shop making stuff out of metal. My pet peeve is burrs, sharp edges and corners. It’s not so easy to grind these off with a hand-held disc grinder/sander and it’s quite time consuming. I’ve tried locking my grinder in a vice and moving the work rather than the tool and it worked fairly well but it was doing a number on the grinder’s plastic case. I’ve seen those kits that allow you to strap the grinder down to the bench but they gave me an uneasy feeling. I’ve also looked at motorized disc sanders but I didn’t much like the price of the high-end units and the mail-order devices scared me. That, my friends, is the reason I built my own. Now that I have one, I wouldn’t be without it.

This project is not so difficult but the drawings may look a bit intimidating. They’re not really that bad if you take the time to study them and understand them. The templates supplied as an option are real time savers. The drawings (also an option) are supplied in PDF format that you can take to any office services store (like Kinkos ®) for printing or you can purchase full sized prints.

If you’re an experienced craftsman and if you have the right tools you can probably make it over the weekend. If you’re a novice, it may require a bit more time but there’s really no particular rush. Take your time and have fun. If you have any questions, I’m happy to help. Do not be concerned about writing or e-mail.

I’m a mechanical engineer, Ben Franklin Institute, Boston, class of 1965. I’ve worked in Aerospace, Shipbuilding, Robotics and Telecommunications. My dream is to be chief fabricator for a NASCAR Cup team. Yes, I wrote my own forward.

- David Lee

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